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WE used to be called the 'Cabbage Patch', but now our green is comparable to any of those that play in the Stamford District or the Peterborough District leagues and other surrounding areas.

Formed in 1954, the club started off with only three rinks next to an area that can only be described as wasteland, in the late eighties the green was able to be extended to six rinks. A few years later, with the aid of a lottery grant a new clubhouse was built, but there was still the ongoing problem to be solved - the green that nobody wanted to come and play on. The committee decided that it was time for action and called in a well known, highly respected green keeper, under his guidance we have transformed the green to one that everyone now wants to play on.

In fact, the President of the Northants Bowling Federation wrote to our secretary stating
"I just wanted to say how much the team I captain enjoyed playing on your refurbished green,
Congratulations, it was a revelation ".

We are affiliated to the Northants Bowling Federation and have two teams playing in the Stamford & District Bowls League and four playing in the Peterborough & District Bowls League.

Newcomers, or those who already bowl who may wish to join us are invited to come along to our regular informal 'Roll-up' on a Wednesday evening (May to August) from 6pm to 7.30 pm where if needed basic tuition can be provided. Throughout the year we also organise various fund raising activities such a race and quiz nights, along with internal competitions.

For any further information about any aspects of the club email