The word etiquette in the dictionary means: form of civilised manners or decorum, the conventional laws of courtesy observed between members of the same profession, sport etc.

In the case of bowls here are a few important summarizations:

Observe the dress code of either the club at where you are playing or the competition in which you are playing.

Before the match starts always introduce yourself to your opponents by Christian name and shake hands with both the opposition and your own team members.

Do not drop your bowls onto the green or mark the green by bouncing your bowls upon delivery.

Stand still behind the mat when a player is in the process of bowling their woods.

Refrain from talking, coughing, jingling loose change in your pocket etc. In other words refrain from causing any form of distraction.

Concentrate on what is happening on your rink and not elsewhere.

Do not hold a ‘committee meeting’ in the middle of your rink when a player on the adjacent rink may be waiting patiently on the mat to bowl.

Do not wander off onto the adjacent rink in order to see where the bowl you have just delivered finishes up.

Stand back from the head when a player is delivering their bowl, particularly if they are firing or delivering a heavy shot.

Encourage your own team players and applaud shots as appropriate. But don’t revel (outwardly at least) in any of your opponents misfortunes.

At the end of the match always shake hands with your opponents and congratulate or commiserate with them appropriately. Also don’t forget to do the same with your own team members as well.

Remember none of us likes to lose, we all like to win, but whatever the result -

ENJOY the game, it’s supposed to be fun !