Unless pre-determined, spin a coin to decide which team bowls first.

If it's your turn, place the mat and roll the jack to the distance that you require. Centre the jack in consultation with your skip. Try and bowl your woods as close to the jack as possible. Ideally one just in front, and the other(s) as close behind as possible. Once you have bowled all your woods stand to the back, behind the mat, and cause as little distraction to the other players, both on your and the rest of the rinks, as possible. You can of course converse with members of your team but not when a player of either side is on the mat. When all the woods have been bowled and if it is your skips turn to bowl first position one of his woods next to the mat in readiness for him to prepare to bowl. Walk at a reasonable pace to the other end of the green consulting with your skip if and when as necessary. Once at the other end, other then controlled constructive consultation as appropriate with your number two, or three, you KEEP QUIET. You do not bark orders to your skip at the other end, it is not your job ! You do not have any say when the number of shots scored is being decided. This is the role of the number two. If you win the end then you retrieve the mat and jack and position the mat ready for you to bowl. Roll the jack to your preferred distance or to a distance agreed with your skip. If you have lost the end your role is either to use the pusher or to help the rest of the players 'kick' the woods back to behind the position where the mat will be placed.


Generally bowls to the instructions of the skip. For example if you are holding shot after the leads have bowled, the skip may ask you to bowl your woods to a position behind the jack, or if the opposition are holding he may ask you to take the wood out which is holding shot or to draw to it to try and get second shot. Number two's are called upon to play a wide variety of shots as and when required depending upon the state of the head and as instructed by his skip. If no information is being fed to you and you are not sure as to which shot to play, ask him.
You are the only member of the team who talks to the skip when he/she is on the mat. The general rule being is only offer advice when they ask you to, or if the head changes dramatically and you feel they need to know. At the end of each end it is the number two's role to be involved with any measuring that is required and to decide with the opposition's number two (nobody else) who won the end and by how many. After you have agreed neither person can change their mind. You then inform your skip as to the outcome Also you help to kick the woods back and keep the scoreboard up to date and in some cases the scorecard, which is normally done by the skip.


The skip is the person who is in charge and normally has the scorecard. He/she is the person who gives out the orders, come this way, don't move the jack, put one at the back, you've got to be up etc etc. But most importantly he/she must use words and body language to encourage members of their rink to play their best and to help them feel part of the team. As well as, hopefully, being able to play,almost, every shot in the book he/she must be of a nature to make the people in their charge want to win as often as is possible, accept victory and defeat with equal measure and to enjoy the game whatever the outcome. Well almost !